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CNCF Meetup Bilbao #3 – 19 octubre 2023

cncf Meetup Bilbao 3

CNCF Meetup Bilbao #3

October 19, 2023

Edificio Ensanche (Bilbao - Spain)

Fue un placer celebrar el tercer meetup de Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)Bilbao en el Edificio Ensanche ayer.
Mil gracias a Iraia Monteagudo y INNOLAB Bilbao por su colaboración dándonos un espacio para hacer el evento.
Disfrutamos de las ponencias top de los CNCF Ambassadors Oleg Nenashev sobre Jenkins yJorge Turrado Ferrero sobre GitOPs. Por último, Manuel Cañete hizo una presentación muy interesante sobre la tecnología Backstage que fue desarrollada por Spotify.

Reducing compute capacity by 40% on EKS with Bottlerocket and Karpenter

kube FM: Reducing compute capacity by 40% on EKS with Bottlerocket and Karpenter​

October 13, 2023

Guest: Gazal Gafoor

“Kubernetes is definitely one of those shared open standard APIs that tries to bridge cloud services like compute, storage and networking. But there’s obviously a lot more, hoping for more standardization.”

I’ve been hearing about K8s since 2018 and the need for standardization is one of the reasons the community is so strong.

I learned a lot from Gazal Gafoor‘s experience switching from Amazon Linux 2 to Bottlerocket OS and from the (default) Cluster Autoscaler to Karpenter and how he benefited greatly from asking questions in the Kubernetes Slack while learning in public.

CNCF Meetup Bilbao #2 – 21 septiembre 2023

CNCF Meetup Bilbao #2 - 21 septiembre 2023

CNCF Meetup Bilbao #2

September 21, 2023

Restaurante Ambigu (Bilbao - Spain)

Just an hour after getting back from the Netherlands, I was back in my “hometown” MCing the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Bilbao meetup on the last day of the Open Source Summit EU.

First and foremost, massive shoutout to our sponsor Kubeshop for their support and great job to Ole Lensmar for his informative talk about Kubernetes policies (we gotta start putting a band together for KubeCon Chicago- lookin’ at you Nicholas Eberts Dominique Top 👩🏼‍💻 Andrew Martin).

It was wonderful seeing a mixture of over 50 local and international friends coming together to share knowledge and build community.

We had talks from-

Andrea López Rodríguez from ZYLK-end user experience using Grafana to monitor air quality-

Elie Assi from Kurago– Better control using Kube Eagle

Jorge Turrado Ferrero– From Sandbox to Graduated project: the KEDA story

As per usual we had the best graphic recorder and photographer in the business Ardiluzu.

The next meetup will be on October 19th to coincide with the QATest event happening in Bilbao. More news about that soon and looking forward to see Oleg Nenashev here!

Edgecase 2023

Edgecase 2023

Edgecase 2023

Kubernetes on & at the edge

September 20 - 21, 2023

DeFabrique in Utrecht (the Netherlands)

Here’s what I recorded/edited in Fullstaq Edgecase 2023.

High quality:

  • talks
  • workshops
  • questions
  • connections
  • food
  • location

Thx to platinum sponsors Sysdig & LogicMonitor

SODA Data Vision

DataVision 2023

SODA Data Vision 2023

September 18, 2023

Bilbao (Spain) & On line

How much can you do in one day? SODA Data Vision 2023 just finished or maybe the real work just started?

Over 20 speakers from all over the world shared their knowledge, empowering us to make better decisions and build more robust organizations that will be better prepared for today’s data challenges.
None of this would have happened without the support from our Gold Sponsor Kurago and Silver Sponsor SUSE and the diligence and dedication of the SODA Foundation team- Sanil Kumar D Lawrence Lai Steven Tan Tammy Chiang, MBA, PMP®, Prosci, PSM II Una Lin.

We also got to see some incredible young talent from Maddi Monclús Parmar Kelvin Vaishali Rawat Bilal Khan 👋 Anushka Saxena Utkarsh Umre Soumava D. and others who submitted their findings/talks in the Students Challenge.

We’ll be uploading the talks to youtube as well comments we got from some of our speakers Michael Cade Andrew Martin Ane B. Hippie Hacker Juan Herrera Utande Oz Katz Guillermo Ruiz but in the meantime check out my one minute summary I recorded/edited today and the incredible artwork done by Ardiluzu. Enjoy!



Postgres in Ibiza


August 29-31, 2023

Postgres Ibiza 2023 is not your average conference. Why?

1. Ibiza is a beautiful place that makes you relaxed
2. Talks are a technical dialogue between the speakers and the audience
3. Speakers are extremely knowledgeable and open-minded
4. It’s ok to challenge the status quo
5. The food is incredible
6. Venue is a 2 minute walk from the beach

Big shoutout to Gold Sponsor OnGres and Bronze Sponsor FerretDB for their support in making this happen.

The recordings of the talks will be out in a few weeks when you’ll get to see these speakers from Day One- Álvaro Hernández Tortosa Franck Pachot Alfredo Rodriguez Sergio Ostapowicz Christoph Engelbert Waltton Morais Sebastian Daschner Chris Travers.

Open UK

bart SOOCon23

OpenUK State of Open Con 23

22 June 2023

London (UK)

Here’s the video I made about OpenUK‘s Midsummer Madness yesterday.

In less than a minute you’ll see:

Carla Gaggini leading an amazing creative activity where groups built the values, spaces, and necessary ingredients to make communities work, and then shared their work with the rest. Shoutout to Dominique Top 👩🏼‍💻 for helping out with the facilitation.

Kunal Kushwaha giving a talk and generating a great conversation about impostor syndrome, how it affects us, and how it can be stopped. Awesome interaction with the audience and gave various folks the chance to share their thoughts.

Cheryl Hung and Alex Chircop sharing their knowledge and experience about community and contribution. There are no easy answers, and always more questions to ask. We could’ve kept going all evening.

I’ve hosted plenty of meetups, but last night’s was enough to write a book or start a podcast series given the mind meld that took place.

Meeting new folks like Michael Charles Borrelli and Margaret Carey (ACMA) who brought new ideas to the table, catching up with wonderful people like Paula Kennedy and Cheuk Ting Ho who are always on their community A-game, and enjoying the depth and breadth that Sal Kimmich, CSM delivers even when they aren’t giving a talk but how they ask questions, I really can’t ask for more.

Thanks so much to Chris Lloyd-Jones and the folks at Avanade for their hospitality, and to Mark Baker for his support in getting this set up with Amanda Brock and the OpenUK team.


Kubernetes Meetup Madrid

Kubernetes Madrid

Kubernetes Meetup Madrid

14 June 2023

Amazon. Madrid (Spain)

Apart from enjoying the amazing views from the 11th floor, we got to hear great talks from:
Arsh Sharma from Okteto
Álvaro Sánchez-Mariscal Arnaiz from Oracle
Álvaro Hernández Tortosa from OnGres (don’t forget- I’ll be hosting Postgres Ibiza on August 29-31st- CFP closes on June 30th so get yours in. More info-

Community/DevRel panel with Guillermo Ruiz, Francis Santiago, Xavier Portilla Edo, David Gómez García, Jorge Barrachina Gutiérrez (finally got a copy of his book!)

The community vibe is strong- curiosity, questions, welcoming atmosphere, snacks (Arsh will be bringing lots of Risketos back with him to India), connecting with community legends like Bilbostack co-organizer Asier Marqués.

To top it off, got to meet Luis Maria Horvath Mayor for the first time. We live an hour away from each other, know people in common through the Euskal Encounter (cc: Imanol Obaldia Sanz) and he took the time to 3D print my name.

Community work is hard, but you can’t put a price on spontaneous acts of kindness.

Hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I did recording it.

CNCF Bilbao Meetup #1


CNCF Meetup Bilbao #1

8 June 2023

Edificio Ensanche. Bilbao (Spain)

In Bilbao, the local vibe is deeply rooted in “Go big or go home,” and that’s what we stuck to in the first Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Bilbao Meetup.

Thanks to Iraia Monteagudo and INNOLAB Bilbao for letting us use their event space to host this first (of many) Cloud Native gatherings.

People all over the world have seen Angel López de Luzuriaga incredible art bringing technical concepts to life, but it was the first time he gave a talk about his experience in the Cloud Native ecosystem. He created drawings on the spot for all of the speakers and as always, did so with pizazz.

The meetup featured talks from six others- my fellow CNCF Ambassador Jorge Turrado Ferrero, Cortney Nickerson from Monokle by Kubeshop, Victor Martinez Bahillo from Auctane, David Lorite Solanas from Sysdig, David López Becerra from SALTO Systems, and last but not least Arie van den Bos from Kurago.

Excellent content, conversations, and networking. Mark your calendars for September 7th when we’ll be hosting the next one!