bart farrell

SODA Data Vision 2023

September 18, 2023

Bilbao (Spain) & On line

How much can you do in one day? SODA Data Vision 2023 just finished or maybe the real work just started?

Over 20 speakers from all over the world shared their knowledge, empowering us to make better decisions and build more robust organizations that will be better prepared for today’s data challenges.
None of this would have happened without the support from our Gold Sponsor Kurago and Silver Sponsor SUSE and the diligence and dedication of the SODA Foundation team- Sanil Kumar D Lawrence Lai Steven Tan Tammy Chiang, MBA, PMP®, Prosci, PSM II Una Lin.

We also got to see some incredible young talent from Maddi Monclús Parmar Kelvin Vaishali Rawat Bilal Khan 👋 Anushka Saxena Utkarsh Umre Soumava D. and others who submitted their findings/talks in the Students Challenge.

We’ll be uploading the talks to youtube as well comments we got from some of our speakers Michael Cade Andrew Martin Ane B. Hippie Hacker Juan Herrera Utande Oz Katz Guillermo Ruiz but in the meantime check out my one minute summary I recorded/edited today and the incredible artwork done by Ardiluzu. Enjoy!