bart farrell

OpenUK State of Open Con 23

22 June 2023

London (UK)

Here’s the video I made about OpenUK‘s Midsummer Madness yesterday.

In less than a minute you’ll see:

Carla Gaggini leading an amazing creative activity where groups built the values, spaces, and necessary ingredients to make communities work, and then shared their work with the rest. Shoutout to Dominique Top 👩🏼‍💻 for helping out with the facilitation.

Kunal Kushwaha giving a talk and generating a great conversation about impostor syndrome, how it affects us, and how it can be stopped. Awesome interaction with the audience and gave various folks the chance to share their thoughts.

Cheryl Hung and Alex Chircop sharing their knowledge and experience about community and contribution. There are no easy answers, and always more questions to ask. We could’ve kept going all evening.

I’ve hosted plenty of meetups, but last night’s was enough to write a book or start a podcast series given the mind meld that took place.

Meeting new folks like Michael Charles Borrelli and Margaret Carey (ACMA) who brought new ideas to the table, catching up with wonderful people like Paula Kennedy and Cheuk Ting Ho who are always on their community A-game, and enjoying the depth and breadth that Sal Kimmich, CSM delivers even when they aren’t giving a talk but how they ask questions, I really can’t ask for more.

Thanks so much to Chris Lloyd-Jones and the folks at Avanade for their hospitality, and to Mark Baker for his support in getting this set up with Amanda Brock and the OpenUK team.