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Bart Farrell

Event host

Bart has hosted events in 6 different countries. The son of a public speaking coach, he has always been attracted to the energy generated by being on stage and interacting with a crowd. His style is built on his commitment to working
with all of the stakeholders to ensure that organizers, speakers, and attendees alike are connected and respected at all times.

Whether it’s for a private event with 20, or a major corporate conference with thousands of attendees,
 he can tailor his style to guarantee the success of your event. While primarily focused on Cloud Native tech, Bart has also hosted events about industrial startups in the Mobile World Congress, packaging and design, a boutique machine-tool
event, and others.

He can do any event in either English or Spanish.

Content Creation

An organization can only be as effective and known as the content it creates.

Bart’s been working with his team for almost a decade and they create podcasts, animated videos, testimonials, reels, creative storytelling videos, and bite size content for social media.

Community Consultant

Traditional marketing and communication methods are not cutting it. If organizations really want to build an audience built on transparency and trust, communities are a must. The process of building one can often be overwhelming.

provides guidance and support either behind the scenes or publicly to help communities define themselves, empower their members, and achieve their goals.

Bart does this through exploratory workshops, auditing communities and then
providing a follow-up plan, providing support to the different community channels, and creating original content to be used by the community.

Event consultant

If you want to make sure your event will be unforgettable, Bart works with a team of content creators who can provide high quality resources which will give you the clear identity you want your audience to perceive.

Whether it’s through
blogs, graphic recording, branding, or creative promotional videos, he and his team have the knowhow and creativity to take your event to the next level.

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